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Swagelok Switzerland

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Chemical Industry

Chemistry and Petrochemistry

Chemical Industry

Pressure, temperature, flow and analytical measurements must be maintained and the availability of rotating machinery and emission monitoring require continuous improvement. The pressure to increase performance is not easing.

We are your partner at your side

With our customized solutions we can meet your requirements for safety and reliability of your processes.

When it comes to the production of chemical products and compounds to reusable raw materials, our product and fluid system solutions can be found almost everywhere.

Swagelok's reliable products, such as valves, regulators, and tubing, help you achieve optimal operation.

Swagelok Products

Customer-specific applications or system solutions

If your projects in the chemical or petrochemical industry involve fluid systems, working with Swagelok will quickly pay off for you. Take advantage of our services to help you achieve your project goals in a timely manner:

  • Efficient Project Management
  • Application and Materials Expertise
  • Engineering Support
  • Standardized, Practical Training
  • Global Capabilities, Local Support

The chemical and petrochemical industries are Swagelok's focus markets and with decades of experience in these areas, we offer you professional support for your projects.

A few examples

Gasverteilung für die chemische Industrie


Ball valves with actuator


Grab sampling system

Wärmetauscher Spirale 

Heat exchanger (use our in house tube bending service)

More about Swagelok custom solutions

Increase security and reduce costs
Safety in the workplace or at the plants is always a central issue.

Increase safety and reduce costs at the same time?
Yes, that is possible! Avoid problems caused by improper installation.
We can help with our fitting safety seminar:


 On our blog "Reference Point" we provide you with technical articles, tips & tricks and much more information for your industry.

Do you have any questions or need an offer? We are happy to assist you.
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