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Swagelok Switzerland

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

We are socially responsible

Warranty, quality and social responsibility at Swagelok Corporate and Swagelok Switzerland

Responsibility has been a core value of Swagelok since the company was founded; with focus on our employees, our customers and the environment.

Swagelok Plant in Wohlen Switzerland


Our products and solutions are backed by a Swagelok Lifetime Material and Manufacturing Warranty, aimed at long-term, sustainable development. In addition to safety and reliability, Swagelok products achieve cost savings to enable economic development.


The quality of Swagelok distributions is based on our own standardized three-stage quality system Swagelok Quality System (SQS). SQS covers suppliers, manufacturing sites and global service centers. At the product manufacturing level, quality consists of raw materials with metal contents that exceed standard values and in production facilities that enable extremely precise production processes. Our production facilities demonstrate transparency in terms of quality and social responsibility. Traceability of products from raw material batches is accessible and EN 10204 3.1 material certificates are available for all our products during the ordering process.

You get to all Swagelok Certificates here

Oder check out REACH documentation and ROHS-Compliance list


Local initiatives at Swagelok Switzerland

Our goal is to do justice to all stakeholders. Our employees and customers come first, but without compromising on environmental and social issues. We therefore always strive for low-emission and resource-saving, safe solutions. Be it with our standard or customer-specific products, services or training courses. We support our customers in achieving a cleaner future in a wide range of industries. We also support universities and spin-offs with sponsorships and technical know-how for the innovations of the future.

Internally, Swagelok Switzerland is also committed to doing what is best for the environment; with energy-saving technologies and facilities in the warehouse, workshop and offices. We also support regional or domestic suppliers whenever possible and strive for environmentally friendly, centralized and efficient transport arrangements.


Focus on climate

We use our branded Swagelok shipping boxes countless times by flipping them inside out when they get dirty. Our branch in Wohlen is Minergie certified, we use pellets for heatingl, recycle wherever possible and have switched our lighting to LED to make a contribution to the climate and energy savings.

Furthermore, Swagelok Switzerland supports initiatives like "World Clean up day" and National Swiss Clean up day where we clean the little river next to our premises.

Swagelok at clean up day 2023

And here is what Swagelok Company is doing for social responsibility in the US and globally: Environmental Social Governance at Swagelok.pdf