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ARIS (Akademische Raumfahrt Initiative Schweiz)

ARIS - Where visions and people grow

ARIS (Akademische Raumfahrt Initiative Schweiz) combines and promotes space exploration, hands-on project work and personal development. Students are encouraged to take responsibility and to define and implement a vision. These are all qualities that future leaders, managers and engineers must live in order to successfully shape the future of the earth and space.


(Source: ARIS)


Supporting visions


In order to realize technical visions, it often requires the support of industry partners in addition to the great curiosity and commitment of the teams involved. This is where we come in; Swagelok has been supporting ARIS project since 2018. Whether this is with suitable components, assemblies, trainings, assembly support or with the knowledge of our  specialists from particular fields; it is of great importance to us to support projects from research and development.


The latest project is called DAEDALUS (2021) - a hybrid rocket engine  

One of ARIS focus projects ist DAEDALUS, tasked with developing and integrating a hybrid rocket engine into this year's rocket PICCARD. The team wants to create the necessary conditions for ARIS to win the Spaceport America Cup 2021 in the "30k feet student researched and developed engine" category.

Swagelok Switzerland support the project with components in their fluid supply system. We wish good luck to the complete team.


Past project: RHEA  - Hybrid Rocket Engine (2019)

RHEA, the project for the first generation of hybrid rocket engines.

Ever since the founding of ARIS, it has been clear that commercial solid rocket motors are only a temporary solution. In order to go higher and faster, in-house development of an engine would be needed. Therefore, project RHEA was established in September 2018, with the goal of setting a foundation for ARIS' engine developments.

Flight altitude 9000 m

High pressure, precise control and flammable gases 

In 2019 Swagelok supported the RHEA project significantly in the area of its test infrastructure:

  • Fluid Supply System (FSS)
  • Test bench (Engine Compartment)

ARIS - Fluid Supply System

(Source: ARIS)



Swagelok components and solutions for hybrid rocket engine development


Projekt RHEA - Final Firing



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