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Swagelok Switzerland

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Swagelok covered in Swissloop

SWAGELOK is in the (Swiss)LOOP

Swissloop, an association of students from Swiss universities, has taken part at international Hyperloop Pod competition several times. With the competition, SpaceX founder Elon Musk wants to advance the further development of transport capsules for the Hyperloop.

Hyperloop is a transport technology in which capsules loaded with goods or people - certain pods - will one day be transported through vacuum tubes at speeds of up to 1,200 km / h. Student teams from all over the world can challenge themselves by having their prototypes shown in Los Angeles.

In mid-September 2020, Swissloop revealed its 2019/20 pod "Simona de Silvestro" to the public. Swissloop developed a drive system for this pod that can accelerate the capsule using pure compressed air. This time Swagelok Switzerland was involved in developing the new braking system.

See in the video below, how Swagelok pressure regulators, hoses, tube fittings and other components for fluid systems and leackage testing have been used.


Swagelok Switzerland - ARBOR Fluidtec AG supports Swissloop as a bronze sponsor with specialist advice, fluid components, bending work, assembly, function and leakage tests relating to the braking system of the pod.

Unfortunately, in 2020 the Hyperloop Pod Competition has been canceled and so the pod cannot compete on the 1.25 kilometer long test track of SpaceX in the USA. Keep your fingers crossed that the event can take place again in 2021 with the participation of the Swiss team.

We are proud to have been part of the project again and wish the Swissloop team continued success.


What happened in the past:


"Escher” is the first pod with cold-gas propulsion ever approved by Elon Musk for the test track.

The second “Hyperloop Pod Competition” in Los Angeles was held mid 2017. The Swagelok sponsored Swiss team Swissloop outperformed the majority of their competitors and achieved the excellent third place.

Swissloop developed a propulsion system in close cooperation with Swagelok Switzerland, a system powered by compressed air. The Swiss Team, which is the very first team with a cold-gas propulsion system appoved by SpaceX, had realistic chances to winning this race. The long waiting time caused by air evacuuation in the vacuum tunnel caused problems with the pod’s batteries. The batteries discharged too fast and Swissloop had to start again with a new set of batteries. At the second attempt Swissloop had to start earlier and couldn’t wait until the low air pressure in the pipe was reached. The higher air resistance hindered full acceleration and the desired speed could not be achieved.

As the propulsion main sponsor Swagelok Switzerland is proud to be a part of this amazing adventure and congrats Swissloop for their great achievements.

Swagelok Switzerland baut das Swissloop Antriebsystem Test Swissloop Antriebssystem

Antriebssystem für Swissloop Team Swissloop mit ihrer Transportkapsel Escher

Transportkapsel Escher von Team Swissloop 

Images by Swagelok Switzerland / SpaceX

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