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Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater treatment plant - Correct acidification of the air membranes

Traditional Cleaning Systems

A large part of the energy costs of a Wastewater Treatment Plant is attributable to the aeration system of the sedimentation tanks. Hard water and other emissions lock-up the air membranes. This lock-up increases the pressure and the pumping capacity must be increased, which leads to a higher energy consumption.

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Often the acid is not dosed and simply poured into the system or only coarsely atomized. The emissions remain in the aeration system, the membranes lock-up quickly and the pressure increases. In the case of very heavy soiling, the basin must be emptied and the membranes cleaned by hand — a major and costly maintenance effort. In addition, there is the risk that the surfaces of the membranes are roughened and bacteria accumulate there. Often the membranes are damaged and must be replaced.


The Acidification System uses a Molecular Vaporizer that injects and sprays the acid consistently into the system. Using the molecular vaporizer the air membranes are gently and sustainable cleaned.

Your benefits:

  • minimize Energy Consumption
  • less Maintenance Interventions
  • increasing Lifetime of Air Membranes

The system is compatible with all common formic or acetic acids.

Download technical data sheet

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