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We care about rocket science

The EPFL Rocket Team was founded in 2017 by student engineers who wanted to put their theoretical skills into practice through an interdisciplinary project. They set themselves the challenge of participating in the largest international rocket launch competition, the Spaceport America Cup, which takes place every year in the United States of America. Since then, the association has grown significantly and brings together young, ambitious, and enterprising space enthusiasts who wish to train for careers in aerospace.

EPFL Rocket Team Team 2022 (source EPFL)


The EPFL Rocket Team, recognized by EPFL university in Lausanne, brings together about 200 students from EPFL as well as from other technical Swiss schools and universities such as UNIL, HEIG-VD, and ZHAW. The team is currently overseeing different student projects:

  • Competition Project: The goal is to design and launch a rocket in international competitions.
  • Training Project: Designed for bachelor students wishing to learn and train in rocket manufacturing.
  • Research and Development Projects:
    Developing a system to re-land the competition rocket similar to SpaceX launchers.
    Designing in-house bi-liquid propellant engines with the ultimate goal of reaching space.

We, as Swagelok Switzerland, are proud to sponsor the EPFL Rocket Team. In 2024, we will support the team on their Rocket project NORDEND, the first rocket equipped with an own engineered Bi-Liquid engine and Bi-Liquid SRAD. We provide know-how around the design and assembly of fluidsystems, material such as gauges, tubes and fittings, and training so the students learn how to safely install tube fittings.

The goal of the EPFL Rocket team will be that their rocket achieved an attitute of 100 km by 2027.

Collaborating with such a dedicated and innovative group is a fantastic opportunity for us to show our support for the next generation of aerospace engineers. We look forward to a successful collaboration and are proud to be part of this exciting journey.


Do you have questions about sponsoring or our products? We are looking forward hearing form you.

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