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H2 on-vehicle and infrastructure
Swagelok provides products and solutions for transportation.

Transportation and infrastructure

A wide variety of applications for liquid or gaseous media occur in vehicles. In addition to water lines, pneumatic lines or brake lines, there are also lubrication, metering and process lines. The requirements differ greatly depending on the application: the products must be resistant on vibration and temperature but also considering the lightweight issue. Swagelok is happy to assist you with your project with expert advice and years of experience with certified products such as fittings, valves and ball valves, tubes (with CNC tube bending service) and hoses (including in-house assembly).

Megatrend hydrogen - More sustainable, greener, less emissions...

The requirements can be achieved with hydrogen mobility. Therefore, around the world, government and industry investment in this increasingly attractive and promising technology.

Swagelok's R&D has been working for almost a decade to provide appropriate services and components for hydrogen technology and allocated infrastructure. When selecting and specifying hydorgen components for reliable operation, some important points should be kept in mind:

Material selection matters. Corrosion control is important in any application where tube fittings are concerned, but hydrogen containment poses a specific, unique challenge. Hydrogen embrittlement can impact 316 stainless steel, a widespread alloy type used for fittings, valves and tubing, including those commonly used in hydrogen vehicle architecture.

Continuous pressure and vibration. Resistance against leaks is critical in any fluid system. But within hydrogen vehicles and infrastructure, there are some special considerations to be made in selecting and specifying types of componentry when making connections.


Vibration resistance is critical too. While important in industrial applications, fittings and connections in hydrogen applications must be able to reliably withstand the repeated and constant vibrations associated with a moving vehicle. Cone and thread fittings, for example, are made manually. The quality of tube preparation can vary depending on the installer—and hydrogen is very unforgiving of imperfections. The tiny-molecule gas can escape through even the most miniscule spaces, and even the smallest leaks can become a major issue.

Application-specific components. 

Robust support. In seeking the potential that hydrogen represents, designers and manufacturers should look to work with suppliers with considerable, wide-ranging expertise from gaseous tube trailer, electrolyzer systems, compressors, storage tanks, dispensers to fuel cell vehicles.


Swagelok offers a range of fittings and adapters for medium pressure up to 22 500 psi (1551 bar):

Swagelok's FK series, can provide the right performance

Find out which EC-79 compatible products for hydrogen infrastructure or for on-vehicle application Swagelok can offer.

SWAGELOK EC-79 portfolio

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