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Swagelok Switzerland

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Pharma & Biopharmacy

Pharma and Biopharmazie
Pharma and Biopharmacy

Pharma and Biopharmacy

The innovation in the pharmaceutical and biophamaceutical industry is an important part of our local economy.

Swageloks wide range of products for the pharmaceutical- and biopharmaceutical industry for conveying sensitive and highly purified liquids and gases is perfectly designed to meet the cleanliness requirments. From construction up to system validation – we offer a full service for these markets.


Pharma Hoses & End Connections

Very high quality and technical requirements are placed on material used, especially in the pharmaceutical or food industry. In addition to excellent material quality, the hoses and connections must essentially be low in death, have surfaces that are easy to clean, have the correct use of sealing elements and be sterilizable.

Our pharma hoses and end connections provide a maximum on cleanliness and safety.



We assemble in house, at our plant in Wohlen, customized pharma hoses and end connections to meet your requirements.

  • PTFE Hose | C, F, N, S, W, X Series
  • PFA Hose | U Series

Our pharma hoses are designed to provide maximum flexibility.

 Pharmaschlauch mit maximaler Flexibilität Pharmaschlauch U-Serie mit Endanschluss

End Connections

  • Tube Butt Weld Ends
  • Sanitary DIN 11864-3 Series A
  • End Connection Sanitary DIN 32676
  • Customized Connections

Pharma EndanschlĂĽsse Pharma Endanschluss mit U-Serie Schlauch

Rohrstumpfschweissenden Biopharmazie Nut- und Bundklemmenschutz DIN 11864-3 Biopharmazieflansch DIN 32676Biopharmazie Kwik Schellenden

Our end connections are available in the compliant european DIN-Standards.

Catalog Hoses and End Connections


Other Pharma and Biopharmaceutical Products

Diaphragm-Sealed Valves

Sanitary Regulator


Consulting & Service

Industrial hoses often do not get the attention they deserve. We are happy if we can support you with our Hose Advisory Services (HAS) or with a Hose Training.


Hose Safety

Hoses are a convenient and quick way to connect two points in your Fluid System but make sure to take the necessary steps to ensure safety and avoid costly downtime. How you get in 3 steps to hose safety and lower plant costs. 


Do you have questions or need consulting?